July 14, 2024

About Davi Alcântara

I am a passionate Software Engineer with a strong focus on the JavaScript ecosystem. With a solid background in Next.js, I have been actively following the latest trends and concepts in the industry. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from Uni-Facef, I am in my 8th semester, gaining in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

Throughout my journey, I have honed my skills as a Fullstack developer, leveraging my expertise in Next.js, TypeScript, CSS-in-JS, WAI-ARIA, Design Systems, Node.js, and various tools such as Stitches, Styled-components, Tailwind CSS, Prisma, and TypeORM. I am also proficient in working with MongoDB and have a solid understanding of TDD, SOLID principles, and Clean Architecture.

In my professional experience, I have worked as a Front-end Developer at Agency EVA Commerce, where I successfully implemented and maintained a comprehensive shipping application, developed landing pages, and created complex shared form validations. I ensured code quality by enforcing code standards through linters, formatters, and git hooks.

Previously, I worked as a Fullstack Developer at Codebit, where I was responsible for maintaining an internal dashboard for SKU management and customer accounts. I also contributed to the development of complete landing pages, implemented various screens and integration screens using React Native, and worked on complex shared form validations. Additionally, I played a key role in implementing the password reset feature.

Currently, I work as a self-employed professional, focusing on developing scalable Next.js and React.js projects such as complex dashboard systems and Uber-like systems.

With my diverse skill set and hands-on experience, I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow as a software engineer. I am enthusiastic about building innovative and efficient solutions, and I thrive in collaborative environments that foster continuous learning and growth.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and projects to get a deeper understanding of my work. If you are looking for a dedicated and skilled software engineer who can contribute effectively to your team, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Let's create amazing software together!